Microsoft Bing Party | Web 2.0 Summit 2009 | ZendCon 2009 | Ruby Skye

So, Microsoft Bing had a huge party at San Francisco’s famed venue, Ruby Skye. Some of us, from the PHP Community were fortunate enough; to attend this exclusive party…  and as if that wasn’t enough in and of it’s self. Josh Holmes, and John Coggeshall thought hey, I have an idea –  (let’s take this pilgrimage from “ZendCon 2009” in San Jose, to the “Microsoft’s Bing” party in San Francisco, to the next level) let’s go ahead and hire a Party bus… yeah that sounds like a great idea! So, in true geek fashion about 34 fortunate souls, piled on a Party bus destined for San Francisco, oh and did I forget to mention that John Coggeshall and Scott MacVicar (in true Scottish fashion, no, no really I kid you not) decided that a regular old Party bus just could not be enough so they stocked that bad boy… with roughly, $150.00 dollars worth of liquor! It was a great party and Microsoft was gracious enough to provide a copy of “Windows 7 Ultimate” to all attendees…. sweet!