php|works is now over – back to work

Well, it started off a little weird – Paul Reinheimer was a total tard to me (just kidding man – glad we worked through that stuff). Note: Should totally learn to speak Canadian one of these days… maybe Sean Coates offers a small course to those south of the Canucks’ border.

Chris Shiflett’s keynote, “PHP 4 is dead! Migrate your code” was short but, sweet – although I think Shiflett’s Mom was a bit confused by it. [ But, I am sure she was proud of her little baby. ;-) ] But, to be totally honest the nightmare that night wasn’t cool – the image of Wez Furlong as a zombie was hard to shake and that crazy White Russian with the Edward scissor hand action was a bit hard to handle as well.

Terry Chay did such a wonderful job with his, “Finding Art in the Software Architecture” talk it really isn’t funny – he so reminds me of a young Guy Kawasaki (no offense Guy…). I really felt that it would have been better suited as a keynote. It didn’t really have much technical content unless you count the fact that he provided a description of viral growth using the exponential function  !, x(t)=x_0 e^{kt} — (e.g., exponential growth…). Not bad for a south bay kid with a masters degree in something like Theoretical Particle Physics from University of Illinois.

LHB got to have a little East Coast festive occasion at a nice little spot conveniently located in mid-town Atlanta called Sutra Lounge — we now have an additional sixteen or so Andrei Zmievski and random unicode fan photos to post (stay tuned).

In closing, the final keynote was a cool concept – nicely executed – hope Paul/Sean still have a job… when they get home.

All I can say is good work to the entire php | architect crew… it was a good educational event for all in attendance. Looking forward to their spring conference – if you missed this one you totally owe it to yourself to attend their spring conference in Chicago.