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So, what’s a QR Code matrix code you ask? Well, wait no further — just look, at the square image on the right… side of this post!

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Patrick Reilly’s Blog — QR Code

Well, that there my friend is a QR Code. (The “QR” is derived from “Quick Response”) it is a two-dimensional bar code developed by Denso-Wave way back in a magical time know as 1994.

Originally, the standard bar code replacements were designed for tracking parts in manufacturing situations, but the use of QR codes has gained popularity in consumer space in recent years as a way to encode meta-data like; various URLs, contact information, mobile numbers, etc. This act of linking from physical world objects, is typically known as a hardlink or physical world hyperlinks… Unlike, the standard basic bar code of yesteryear, which I’m sure you’re totally familiar with if you have ever been shopping at a retail establishment in your life, QR Codes contain information in both the horizontal and vertical axis. This fact contributes to its capability of storing much larger amounts of raw data in both numeric and alphanumeric, as well as binary form(s).  If you’re interested in learning a bit more, feel free to check out the QR Code site provided by Denso-Wave for additional details and implementation techniques.

So, to honor this posts title don’t forget to download, “Barcodes” from the iTunes Store don’t worry my cost conscience friend it is, “Free”.  Also, for the true geeks in the room here is the link to the SVN repository that holds the source to the iPhone Xcode project, definitely worth a peek.