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The emergence of a new hyperlocal paradigm

If the last decade was about information technology, the coming decade will be all about connectivity. After the infrastructure is being built on a global scale – and still growing strong – one can see the emerging connecting activities in the most unimaginable ways. The technological revolution started as an enterprise-driven venture, but ultimately empowers the individual, as connectivity is a fundamental social behavior and therefor deeply human driven. The impact of this development will be as dramatic as with earlier industrial revolutions like the beginning of mass production and cannot be underestimated. We just see the beginnings of the dramatic changes and for a lot of citizens it is hard to predict or even understand the profound consequences of change on business processes, cultural achievements, economic shifts, personal participation and society as whole.

Globalization as an expression of connectivity raises a lot of concerns among the developed countries, but is ultimately inevitable – the world is turning flat again. But by focussing on that aspect alone, people tend to underestimate the power of individual or in other words local connectivity that could act as a balancing power on the pressuring force of global competition.

The decisive paradigm from the age of mass production was culminating in the claim “think global – act local” – the view of international brands and enterprises, conquering markets worldwide and batteling with salesforces for the dominance in each region on a global scale.

The emerging paradigm from the coming age of connectivity shows a totally opposite point of view, expressed by individuals with the claim “think global-act hyperlocal”.