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Zend Framework Preview 0.7.0

Zend Framework is a simple, straightforward, open-source software framework for PHP 5 designed to eliminate the tedious details of coding and let you focus on the big picture. Its strength is in its highly-modular MVC design, making your code more reusable and easier to maintain. Although it’s currently in preview release, take a look—you may be surprised.

The Zend Framework community has released the 0.7.0 Preview Release.
This release showcases the latest developed classes to support Localization (L10N) and Internationalization (I18N).
This makes it easy to develop world-class PHP applications; here at Schematic.

More details:

  • Locale-management component
  • Locale-aware Date parsing and formatting class
  • New translation-management component with gettext support
  • Comprehensive class for working with measurements and conversions
  • New prototype class for filtering and validation parameters
  • New class for managing memory usage in PHP applications
  • Many other improvements in current components such as MVC, SessionGdataHTTP Client, SearchXmlRpc, and others
  • Many other enhancements to test suites and documentation.

Download Zend Framework Preview 0.7.0!